Search engine optimization of your website helps visitors find your site using the targeted keywords and phrases that best describe your business. The goal of our search engine optimization services is for your site to be highly ranked and correctly listed within the search engines. High rankings in the natural (i.e. organic ) search engine results is what Eureka Infotech works hardest to achieve leading to successful promotion of your website.

Imagine my disappointment when I learned organic search was simply the next new buzzword for the concept of pure, or crawler-based search. As some of our readers may find it challenging to keep up with the entire latest lingo, I thought I’d take a moment to at least explain the concept of organic search.

Organic describes a search that returns results by indexing pages based on content and keyword relevancy. This is in contrast to listings ranked based on who paid the most money to appear at the top. Sometimes this is called “pure” or “natural search” as it is supposed to be “untainted” by commercial payments or bids.

Historically, Google has led the way in championing the virtues of natural or organic search. Its primary focus has always been to return fast, highly relevant results based on the content of the page, the relevancy of links pointing to that page, and other “objective” criteria. Sponsored listings have always been clearly separated from the organic search results on Google. However, many other engines have experimented with mixing the two types of search without clearly labeling which is which.

Pros and Cons of Organic Search vs. Paid Search

Unlike organic foods at your local grocery store, you aren’t required to pay extra to reap the healthy benefits of “organic” search. So what are the benefits of organic over paid search?

Organic Search Pros:

Greater Click-throughs: People trust “organically grown” search results more than they do sponsored results. While the engines business is supported by paid ads, many consumers prefer the organic search results. Due to the contextual nature of organic search, the listings can be more relevant and offer a greater depth of choices. Therefore, while paid ads can play an important part in your marketing strategy, ultimately it is the organic search results that will more likely yield the greater click-through rates when all other things are equal. Therefore, it’s this type of listing that will maximize the traffic to your site whenever you climb to the top.
Power of Branding: More and more large corporations are investing resources into organic search to gain the marketing benefits of promoting their brand.

For example, most consumers would expect to find in a search for computers. If your company does not show up for the keyword results in which you’d expect to appear it can be embarrassing. Consumers may wonder if Company X is as important as they once were if they don’t even show up in MSN, Yahoo or Google. Conversely, inserting your brand in the top search results can give the impression that your company is important. Therefore, smaller companies can give the impression of big business importance by securing a better position in organic search than their larger rivals.

Greater Trust Equals Greater Conversions: Most adults learn to apply a healthy dose of skepticism when they see a commercial on TV, a banner ad on the Web, or a sponsored ad on a search engine. After all, we know those ads are commercially motivated and may not always be the most relevant product or solution for our needs. It may simply represent the company that was able to spend the most money to get their message in front of me. Sometimes bigger companies do offer the best products, but there’s no guarantee. There’s certainly not the same level of trust that we see from visitors arriving from organic search. Organic search can, of course, be commercially influenced. However, a recent survey shows that people tend to trust organic results compared to sponsored listings. On the whole, you should see more visitors from organic search converting to sales, assuming your rankings were for targeted, relevant keywords. In the business world, ROI, or Return On Investment, is king. Fortunately, organic search can give you the high ROI you’re looking for or your boss is demanding.

Organic is Free: After all these years, it’s still free to submit to Google, arguably the most popular of the organic search engines right now. Google has always been adamant about not charging for inclusion in its index of 4.2 billion pages. Most other organic engines will also index you for free, although some like Yahoo do have paid inclusion options. Paid inclusion simply guarantees your page will get indexed quickly and stay indexed for as long as you maintain your subscription, but does not promise a particular ranking. However, if you have a Web site with good quality content and links from third party sites, paid inclusion is “nice-to-have”. It can be very useful in getting pages indexed or re-indexed quickly. This allows you to quickly test various page designs and to feed news and other time-sensitive content to the search engine as quickly as possible.

Organic Search Cons:

Organic Rankings Require an Investment in Time: The age-old adage of “nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy” rings true with organic rankings. While they are monetarily free, simply submitting your pages to the search engines is not enough to bring in a flood of new visitors to your Web site. Far too many businesses have been fooled into spending $49 or $99 to submit their site to “thousands” of sites, 99% of which are obscure names you’ve probably never heard of. The key is that someone doing a search on a major search engine must be able to easily find your Web site.

If your site is buried at the bottom of the list, or simply fails to appear in the first few pages of search results, you can kiss your chances of being found good-bye. The key is to use responsible best practices to create pages that are highly relevant to the keywords that apply to your Web site and the products or solutions you have to offer. . In other words, optimize your pages for search engine visibility and see how fast your position improves. To do this, you simply need to know what each search engine needs for maximum visibility. Then tweak your Web page’s content while paying attention to off-page factors like the number and type of links coming to your page. Tune the pages of your site to the preferences of the major search engines and then watch your rankings and traffic climb.

While optimizing your Web site to rank well for organic searches takes more effort than simply buying an ad, it can provide your business with one of the highest ROI results that you’re likely to find. Numerous studies have placed search engine optimization at the top of the list of the most effective forms of online marketing. Its low cost, high relevancy, and high conversion rates make it an ideal marketing vehicle for almost any business.

Information about SEO and how to make it work for you

Through constant research and testing Eureka Infotech refines our methods of getting your website ranked highly in the search engines, no gimmicks, no deception and no methods that could get your site banned. Simple. Effective. Targeted.

Keyword and Key Phrase Selection

We evaluate and research your keywords and phrases for competitiveness and look for similar words that are also be used by searchers. We provide writing and editing services so your site’s content can be optimized for the correct keyword density. And don’t worry we aren’t going to dilute your marketing message by using awkward keyword placement that makes your page unreadable. In the end, we know that, after your site is found, it has to be intelligible. We also optimize your page elements so your keywords are built into the site’s code for the search engines to find.

Popularity Accounts for High Search Engine Rankings

High search engine rankings require search engines seeing that your site is linked to from other sites; one-way, inbound links are a sign that other sites find you to be a respected resource. A link works like a vote for your site’s popularity. Eureka Infotech conducts a link building campaign as one of our techniques to getting your site highly ranked. Using reciprocal links as a means of promoting your website, product, or service is a necessary and effective way to help your website grow and succeed online. We also submit your site to hundreds of valued online search directories providing many quality one-way links to your site.

We are dedicated to affordably, properly, and quickly helping you improve your website’s search engine visibility, link popularity, and targeted traffic. When done correctly, increasing your linkage can:

• Increase your traffic
• Improve your visibility in the search engines by raising your link popularity
Save you advertising money

SEO & Link Management Maintenance

Don’t hire someone who will only react when you’ve dropped in the search engine rankings. Eureka Infotech is attentive to your needs and invests the time to keep your web site at the top. Each month we are proactively getting you links and applying the newest techniques to maintain – and even increase – your rankings. We look for additional keywords that will help drive traffic to your site and review your site logs to see where your visitors are coming from, so we can make informed decisions on other channels you may want to explore. It’s important that you stay competitive. Because we keep up with the most current happenings in the SEO arena we are able to shift strategies as search engines evolve and algorithms change. You must keep up to speed to be effective in the SEO industry.

Every SEO Client and Project is Different

Our success is largely due to tailored customer service, and to our commitment to being available for consultations to discuss your search engine optimization strategy. We enjoy helping our clients establish a search engine optimization campaign that will aid in their website promotion, fit their budget and achieve their long-term, online goals. No search engine optimization firm can guarantee #1 placement within the search engines. At Eureka Infotech, we guarantee effort. Although our current clients certainly like the results for their SEO and link management campaigns.

Content Analysis

This step would involve reviewing the content of your website (especially the home page). We shall ensure that the content we change will be search engine friendly retaining its original meaning.

HTML Code Refining

HTML Code Refining is a process where we analyze and review the code for all your web pages and simultaneously fix all the errors. During this process we will remove all the unwanted codes considered to be spam. We manually fine tune each web page and remove redundant html codes which are automatically created during the time of design.

Image Optimization (Alt Tags)

Image Optimization is one of the main elements in today’s SEO process which most of them tend to neglect. From search engine perspective, downloading time is a factor which is now considered in their ranking algorithms. Hence, our SEO experts will optimize each image on your website to reduce its size, yet retaining its quality and resolution to ensure that the pages load quickly.

Meta Tags

Developing Meta tags is one of the most important and difficult task in the entire SEO process. Based on the ongoing analysis and keywords our SEO shall form an optimal class of meta tags combining, considered to be the most important tag as far as search engine ranking is concerned, and.

This process will continue, where we develop Meta tags for each web page on your site concentrating on each product or service that is described on the page, thus covering a wide array of keywords.

Optimization for Search Engines (When should I?)

Performing search engine optimization while developing your website or redesigning your old site is a great way to maximize your budget and effort. You will only have to write the content once and the HTML can be coded to work for the search engines. Learn more about our website design and development services.

Of course, it is never too late to hire a company or firm for search engine optimization services. We are equally adept at working with local companies in the India , US, UK or anywhere Internationally. Please contact us today for our free evaluation and consultation concerning your SEO Marketing needs.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

All major search engines now use some form of pay-per-click listings, enabling businesses to take advantage of a unique online marketing opportunity. Consumer use of search engines to locate information on products, find local businesses and buy from vendors has never been greater – and is growing daily.

PPC advertising, if properly managed, is one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses to delve into the powerful channel of internet advertising. It also provides one of the easiest ROI analyses in online marketing.

The reason why pay-per-click ads is becoming such an attractive option to businesses of all sizes is that campaign options can be tailored to suit any budget. From large multi-national corporations down to small city-specific vendors – online advertising using PPC can deliver targeted, high quality traffic to your website.

By individually tracking the effectiveness of each keyword and time of day, as well as the effectiveness of individual creative copy, you can quickly turn a PPC search engine marketing trial into a viable, ROI justified marketing campaign.

The PPC service we offer consists of designing and maintaining online marketing campaigns to encourage the maximum level of traffic to your web page, while restricting outlay to only leads from genuinely interested customers.

Search engine marketing is without a doubt the most important form of online marketing today. Being highly visible to prospective customers for a specific search query is the strongest way to draw in qualified visitors. It’s the very reason why search advertising is the fastest-growing form of advertising today.

Eureka Infotech’s PPC Management services can help your company make educated decisions about your pay per click campaign! Most companies poorly manage their PPC advertising campaigns paying too much per click and targeting the wrong keywords! We work along side companies and help them choose the appropriate keywords and bidding prices. We also will help your company and its staff creates ads that bring in higher click through rates and help sell your product and / or services.

Link Building

Eureka Infotech understands link building and its relationship to search engine optimization. Simply getting links pointing to your site is not an effective SEO method. You must have links from high quality websites that Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines deem important. You also need to have your targeted keywords in your anchor text. Building service is more than simply getting links to your site; it works hand in hand with our SEO services to increase your search engine rankings. As an SEO company we use ethical search engine positioning which means only to improve your search engine rankings.

There are very few SEO companies and SEO experts that are well rounded and understand the importance of bringing link building and SEO services together in their client campaigns. Some focus on search engine optimization (SEO) while some will build high page rank, but very few will get you results! Many companies also use outdated methods that no longer work with any search engine that is link focused.

We have combined link building and SEO together to get fast results that would normally take SEO companies much longer to achieve. The truth is you need your website highly optimized for good search engine rankings and you also need strong incoming links with keywords in the anchor text.

Reciprocal Link Building

The most important aspect in today’s search engine ranking algorithm is the advent of link popularity. Search engines are always developing ways to make their results more relevant. In the last couple of years, links have become increasingly more important to the engines because they see links as an endorsement of your site by other website.

This process will setup the complete link categories, link pages and configure the same with your server so that the pages reside on your server. We then request links from high quality sites which are relevant or complimentary to your website for reciprocal links. This is an ongoing process which involves communication and daily maintenance.

Non-reciprocal Link Building

We place your site’s link on all the web-directories related to your business that provide a link without asking for a reciprocal link.

One Way Linking

One-way links are links to your site from sites which do not receive a link from your site.

One-way links are wonderful things to have because they increase your link popularity – the number of pages linking to your site. Search engines such as Google place huge importance on link popularity when ranking your site.

The value of reciprocal links is diminishing in the current search engine environment as they are nowadays seen by the Search Engines as artificial links, since natural link patterns are not typically reciprocal. Artificial links are now being ignored by the major Search Engines. One way links are seen as natural links.